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The Ultimate List Of Software Developer Blogs

29/09/2021 / 0 Comments / 158 / Software development

As a result, it’s often difficult for developers to know where to start and how to proceed. Big data is the technology that underlies many of our most important advances. Enabled by machine learning and connectivity, large tranches of data can now be mined for insights rapidly and used to improve effectiveness, reduce waste or accelerate processes. Get insights into the best ways to outsource web design and software development to grow your online business. Plenty of people link to it, tweet about it and share it, because it is really the best resource out there for software development and programming podcasts. I highly recommend having a list of topics you are going to write about. When you sit down to write a blog post, pick one of those topics and start writing.

Software Development Blog

For a long time people have been ringing the death knell of blogging and saying that it’s dead because too many people are blogging and there are too many blogs out there, but it’s just not true. I honestly think one of the best possible things you can do for your software development career is to start a blog—and regularly update it.

Developing Your First Mobile App

Not an easy way to export your articles or to move to another platform. On the other hand, like Hacker Noon, the biggest drawback is that you’re tied into the platform. That means you cannot easily export your articles, and therefore move on another platform. That means Google and other search engines index Hacker software development blog Noon’s URLs instead of your own. On the same note, the quality of the articles is higher since they are checked manually by editors. You benefit by having someone editing your articles and providing feedback. Receiving feedback helps you identify gaps in your knowledge, and it enables you to fill those gaps.

For instance, let’s say I have the company “Catalin’s Software”. Thus, I can create an organisation on Dev To, and people can write for it. The reason is that both people that follow you, and the ones that follow the organisation, get notified github blog when a post is published. Dev To is another amazing platform for blogging, that sky-rocketed when Medium introduced a paywall feature. I’ve used the platform since I started blogging seriously, which was the beginning of this year.

  • Personalization is the future, and IoB devices perfectly capture this notion.
  • As mentioned above, software development is one of the fields that changes continuously as new technology emerges.
  • Specializing in one type of software or application, like computer applications , databases or operating systems.
  • When designing a website, you need to prepare a framework that will become a guideline for creating all functionalities and content prioritizing.
  • If you’re working on a large or critical project that requires a high level of documentation and validation along the way, following a path like this might make sense.

To address this challenge, developers need to be meticulous in their work. They ought to understand the system they are working on and the code they are writing. In addition, they should use automated debugging tools to help them find and fix errors. They should also establish a testing plan and test their code thoroughly before releasing it to production. By doing these things, you can ensure that your code is error-free and ready for use while also saving time and effort.

How It Team Extension Helps Accelerate Backlog Delivery

We are leading Software Development Company & we are passionate, creative, and experienced in developing products. ValueLabs, a trusted technology partner windows server 2016 for all your IT outsourcing & business consulting services. We offer innovative software development solutions to propel your business in a better way.

Software Development Blog

Allow the contributions to come from those who will actually do all the hard work. Herein, you’ll incorporate the lists of activities, description of your project’s scope, personal and project calendars, resource requirements, possible risks, etc. Estimate exactly how many hours it will take to complete each individual activity you’re going to perform. Once you have an estimated time,define the essential deadline milestonesand make sure you’re armed with the resources and instruments required to finish the given tasks. How to be a backend developer by Giorgio Desideri In this article, we hear from Giorgio Desideri, our tech lead – cloud solutions at Seven Peaks Software, on how to… Our growth is due to effective planning, healthy management processes, working with the right clients, and sound risk management.

I’d highly recommend registering your own custom domain to go with your new blog. For WP Engine, it’s even easier, since you already get WordPress installed when you set up your account. Writing teaches you to organize your thoughts clearly in a way that other people can understand. Anyone can create a blog and have one up and running in five minutes or less. This is going to enhance your reputation for any recruiter, employer, or possible customer, just by virtue of you having a blog that is regularly updated. Simple Programmer has become a real business, has allowed me to travel the world, meet people I’d never thought I’d meet, and make a real positive impact on people’s lives. In three years time, I ended up creating 55 courses for Pluralsight and making literally a few million dollars in royalties.

With the growth in our company’s size, we also have to pay close attention to positive risks. Well, it’s not all that complicated and the Tech Leads were right, we needed clean code. Since then I have had mentors that helped me a lot, and they helped Information engineering uncover a desire for continuous learning that continues to this day using certain courses and books. In my first years as a front-end developer, I was part of a team of developers where the Tech Leads were very worried about “cleaning” the code.

What Should Startups Do In Times Of Crisis?

Welcome to our first monthly news digest where we will discuss news and future plans around Spiral Scout’s open-source projects, including Spiral Framework, RoadRunner, and CycleORM. As always we welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

Software Development Blog

Spiral Scout is a full-service software development company providing development, design and online marketing services to businesses around San Francisco and beyond. Read STX Next Blog to learn about Python web development, new trends in tech and outsourcing software development the right way. Over 250 developers stand ready to supercharge your business, the Agile way.

Since its invention in 2017, the software development world has been raving about blockchain’s potential, but it’s still too early to tell if mainstream adoption happens. Though there are some startups looking to capitalize on blockchain solutions, many companies won’t experiment with blockchain until it becomes far easier to implement and use. So when it comes to providing all the necessary resources and support to unlock the full potential of dev teams, AgileEngine is second to none. The annual DOU rating of the best employers for software specialists in Ukraine is solid proof. This year, AgileEngine has headed the list of the best dev companies with 200–800 specialists. The cloud projects driven by AgileEngine range from e-commerce and telecom to media, EdTech, logistics, healthcare, and real estate.

Hashnode is a platform that allows you to create a blog and write articles, like all the other platforms in this article. Because both give useful tips and also I am implementing their tips and get results. Thank You so much for posting more Software development experts’ details. It’ll be useful in all other aspects and also all have different tricks to do work so it’ll help everyone. Microservices, refactoring, agile, continuous delivery and other important and currently hot topics you may find here. All about programming and software development on C# , ASP.NET , UWP , Visual Studio from Microsoft MVP professional.

Hiring Web Developers: Freelancers Vs Companies

Prompt Softech is a leading custom software development company in India. We offer end-to-end outsourcing software development services and mobile app development services. Another major challenge for software developers is miscommunication with customers and stakeholders. This can happen for many reasons, such as a lack of communication channels, misunderstandings about the requirements, or failures to document the project properly.

The planning phase ensures you’re starting off on the right foot. So try to make sure you include all of the departments that are going to be impacted by this project, including project managers, developers, operations, security, and key stakeholders. Milkyway Infotech is an IT Company that offers an extended array of services including Website Design, Mobile App development, MLM software and Digital Marketing Services for the enterprise.

The Best Blogging Platforms For Developers In 2021

They have an editorial team that green-lights your own article ideas or helps you come up with article ideas, and edits your articles. While reading the article, do not forget that it’s shaped by my experiences and preferences.

We are a result oriented, professional web design India, development and SEO company offering services at the best industry rates. I do Python, JavaScript, and C# out of Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2000, we create award-winning transformative digital products & platforms for startups and enterprises worldwide. While some projects can be completed quickly, most custom software development projects will take several months to complete.

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A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. Blog posts on AJAX, .htaccess, Canvas & SVG, CSS, Dojo, Firefox OS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Media, Mobile, MooTools, Node.js, PHP, SEO, Shell and WordPress. David Walsh is Mozilla’s senior web developer, and the core developer for the MooTools Javascript Framework. Brand Monitoring Monitor your product name, brand, competitors, keywords, authors, or any other topics.

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